for Music Makers and Creatives

What I Do

artist coaching & development clarifying the artist image and vision, developing a signature vocal sound, bandcoaching

vocal coaching vocal training, vocal recording, singing and breathing techniques, repertoire

studio coaching vocal coaching before and during studio time, vocal production & vocal arrangement, songwriting, toplining, song analysis

tour coaching tour preparation, individual training program including vocal training, warming up & cooling down, psychological focus, fitness & nutrition

About Me

I am Magdalena, artist & vocal coach, singer and songwriter based in Berlin.

I have a long-year experience in touring and studio work with several music projects and music producers.

In my studies of business law I dealt with the legal aspects of the music industry and specialized in music business law with my diploma thesis.

I am part of the expert team at MUSIC POOL BERLIN.

My vision is to help music makers and creatives develop their career, image and signature voice.


Brunnenstr. 181
10119 Berlin

030-120 926 92